Feb 19, 2012

Heath Risks to Child Development

Today, we know quite a bit about the health risks associated with household cleaning products, plastics, furniture, paint and carpet. However, did you know that the months after you bring your child home from the hospital are the most crucial to his or her development?

Good Morning America’s recent investigation made it abundantly clear that indoor air quality matters—especially in the nursery.

With the help of the Greenguard Environmental Institute, the GMA crew set up a child’s nursery with a brand-new crib, changing table, rocker and decorations

After a week, they tested the air quality inside and found that it contained 300 different chemicals. Just outside the same house, only two chemicals were detected.

The paint in the nursery off-gassed chemicals five times the recommended limit, while the rocker contained seven times California’s recommended levels of formaldehyde, a chemical identified as causing cancer. The crib mattress emitted more than 100 chemicals, namely industrial solvents and alcohols.

The most disturbing part of all? Not one of these products was in violation of any law.

Luckily, there are quick and easy steps that you can take to minimize your familiy's exposures at home.

For one, try not to wait until the last minute to paint, choose safer water based paints,  choose nursery furniture that does not off-gas, set the nursery up several weeks prior to the baby's birth and look for bedding that is natural and certified organic.

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