Is Your Home Safe?

Maybe, but maybe not. At Roan Skye we’re primarily concerned with environmental factors, rather than preventing, say, household accidents. Sometimes these environmental problems are obvious: strong smells, water damage, et. that cause headaches, allergic reactions, but some problems can remain hidden for years. Identifying hidden or emerging problems requires unique expertise. Often we can spot factors that will cause problems in the future, so they can be fixed less expensively and before anyone is affected. So, even in a healthy home it makes sense to have it looked over by a professional.

Where should I look for problems?
Unfortunately, the answer is “everywhere.” Each room in your home has a different set of risks; paint type, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) emitted by carpeting and padding, radon, asbestos, mold, and the list goes on. If young children are in the home, parents need to be aware of phthalates, BPA, formaldehyde, lead, pesticides etc; all have a potential link to childhood developmental disorders and illness.  Let us provide an initial consultation and we can help set your mind at ease, or at least establish a plan of action.