Our Services

Whether you are building your dream home, renovating, designing a nursery or just want to create a healthier home or school, Roan Skye can help! The first step is a consultation which will result in a comprehensive report of our meeting, suggestions and product recommendations. For some clients, the consultation is all they need. For others, the consultation serves as an initial design chat as we work towards the implementation of a greener, healthier, energy-saving space.

Initial Consultation
This consists of a tour of the location, along with a series of questions about your children’s spaces and goals. We will then provide a complete report, including recommended products and services, next steps, and resources you can access on your own. This evaluation will take approximately two hours.

Phone Consultation
Roan Skye is also available for a phone consultation. If you have questions about your home or school, need product sourcing or recommendations, this is a perfect option.

Project Management
Roan Skye also provides project management services for large or small projects. We work with you to identify issues and select the best resources to perform the work, then develop a project plan and monitor progress for quality, schedule, and adherence to the budget. We will provide regular status reports for your review.

Continuing Engagement
Some clients prefer to keep Roan Skye “on call” either for questions or for continuous monitoring of long-term plans. Under these arrangements, Roan Skye will provide periodic updates on an area of interest to a client, i.e. cell phone radiation risk evaluation or ongoing research on the specific environmental toxins and chemicals affecting your space. These services are estimated on a project basis.

Continuing Education
Roan Skye provides lifelong learning opportunities for its clients. We can provide seminars on a variety of health and sustainable lifestyle topics for parent groups, child care organizations and schools. We are always seeking new information, and keep our clients aware of upcoming seminars, presentations, or other learning opportunities.